Menu for GRAND PRIX SILESIA 2006  15.7. - 23.7. 2006


Tuesday:    Goulash soup

 18.7.    Bouillon with vermicelli


            1. Beefburger, potatoes, cucumber

            2. Pork steak with mushrooms, rice

            3. Noodles, mushrooms sauce


Wednesday:    Lentil soup with sausage

 19.7.      Bouillon with rice and pea


            1. Chicken steak, potatoes

            2. Pork goulash, dumplings (bread)

            3. Vegetable plate, cheese, bread


Thuersday:   Goulash soup

 20.7.     Onion soup


            1. Pork, spinach, potatoe dumplings

            2. Meat mixture, noodles

            3. Yeat fruit dumplings (with fruit or damson-cheese)


Friday:    Frankfurter soup with sausage

 21.7.     Bouillon with vermicelli


            1. Pork, sauerkraut, dumplings

            2. Spicy pork cut into stripes, rice

            3. Vegetable plate with chicken


Saturday:  Vegetable soup

 22.7.     Cabbage soup with potatoes


            1. Fried pork cutlet, potatoes, spicy salad

            2. Roasted chcicken leg, rice

            3. Vegetable plate with tuna, bread


Sunday:  Chicken soup with vermicelli

 23.7.     Pea soup


            1. Fried chicken cutlet, potatoes, cucumber

            2. Meat mixture with vegetable, noodles

            3. Salad with yoghurt dressing, bread




Breakfast: various kinds of pies and doughnuts, rolls, bread, yoghurt, cheese, milk, coffee (Turkish coffee, expresso), tea,... for choice


During the whole time of the race from 15.7. to 23.7. 2006 you have the possibility to buy other dishes than those on the menu (grilled joint of pork, meat-sausages, pork knees, chicken legs, home-made potatoe pancakes, hamburgers, langos (bread pancakes), French fries, hot dogs, maize, fried cheese, fried cauliflower, vegetable salads,...)