Grand Prix Silesia 2006 – Cerna Voda, Kobyla




Event Center:            Kobyla nad Vidnavkou (village), "Sirava" (name of small reservoir nearby)

Dates:                         July 19 – 23, 2006  

Organizer:                 Pratele orientacniho behu Opava (Friends of Orienteering Opava)


Meeting Points:         E 1 :                           Kobylá – Event Center

E 2 :                           Černá Voda – Kaltenštejn

Sprint:                        Kobylá – Event Center

E 3 :                           Kobylá – Event Center

MTBO                       Kobylá – Event Center

E 4 :                            Kobylá – Event Center

E 5 :                            Kobylá – Event Center


List of Categories:

D10, D12AB, D14AB, D16AB, D18AB, D20AB, D21EABC, D35AB, D40AB, D45AB, D50, D55, D60, D65
H10, H12AB, H14AB, H16AB, H18AB, H20AB, H21EABC, H35AB, H40AB, H45AB, H50AB, H55AB, H60, H65, H70, H75
For categories "Fitness" T3, T5 3 and 5 km respectively, possibility to sign up even a day before the race up to the number of scheduled vacancies

D10N, H10N ........ streamed tracks, HDR ..... streamed tracks for children accompanied by a parent (adult)
TO ..... trail orienteering for disabled


Registrations: Monday           July 17, 2006                16:00 – 22:00 Event Center

                        Tuesday           July 18, 2006                10:00 – 22:00 Event Center

                        Registrations possible only after all payments have been collected from respective club.


Accommodation in Camp: 

                        In marked space of the Event Center Kobylá nad Vidnávkou. Camp open from July 17, 2006



Follow instructions of organizers and Czech Police.

Participants accommodated in the camp allowed driving in. No other regulations in terms of space, we request that participants be considerate. Commuting participants please park your vehicles in the reserved area behind the building marked „Kamenictvi“. Please do not park outside the reserved area. Parking fee 80 Czk/Car (300 Czk/Bus) collected upon the first entry into the Event Center. Drivers obtain a Parking Card to be visibly placed behind the front windshield to the right. Please fill in the license plate to have the Parking Card valid for the whole event.


Maps:             E 1 : Venušiny misky – jih             1:7,500           E = 5 m          format 297 x 370

E 2 : Kaltenštejn                           1:10,000          E = 5 m          format 297 x 340

Sprint:  Venušiny misky – západ   1 : 3,000          E = 2,5 m        format 297 x 297

E 3 : Venušiny misky                     1 : 5,000          E = 2,5 m        format 297 x 420

MTBO:                                        1 : 15,000        E = 5 m           format 210 x 297

                        E 4 : Venušiny misky – sever         1:10,000          E = 5 m           format 270 x 400

E 5 : Venušiny misky II                  1 : 7,500          E = 5 m           format 297 x 420


Waterproof maps except the training map and MTBO, no maps collected after finish.





Center – Meeting Points

Meeting Points – Start

Meeting Points – Finish

E 1

0 km

1,800 m / elevation 45 m

1,500 m, via Start

E 2

19 km (by car via Vidnava)      5.4 km (on  foot / bike)

1,500 m / elevation 80 m

0 m


0 km

450 m/ 15 m

0 m

E 3

0 km

1,550 m / elevation 45 m

0 m


0 km

200 m/ 30m

0 m

E 4

0 km

2900 m / elevation 60 m

0 m

E 5

0 km

1,700 m / elevation 30 m

0 m



Training :      Training map with marked control points can be purchased upon registration for 20 Czk. Control points shall be put in place starting from July 17, 10:00 o’clock until July 18, 20:00 o’clock.



Race program:          


            Wednesday      19.07.06           E1        Middle              start 00 = 09:00 o’clock, interval                    

Thursday          20.07.06           E2        Long                start 00 = 09:00 o’clock, interval                                  

            Thursday        20.07.06          Additional sprint        start 00 = 17:00 o’clock, interval    

            Friday              21.07.06           E3        Short                start 00 = 09:00 o’clock, interval                    

Friday             21.07.06          MTBO                        start 00 = 16:00 o’clock, interval                

            Saturday          22.07.06           E4        Long                start 00 = 09:00 o’clock, interval                    

Sunday             23.07.06           E5        Middle              start 00 = 09:00 o’clock, interval                       


Punching :       Electronic punching (system SportIdent, further only as "SI"). In case of SI failure use manual punching and have it checked by a referee in the finish area. Each participant shall clear and check their SI chip at starting area and must also have the SI recorded in the finish area into a computer (even in case he/she did not complete the individual race). In case the control point is stolen, bring a control ticket from the site (marked tickets are dispersed  on the ground) and submit it to the referee in the finish area.

SI Recording: After completing E1 recording service in the Event Center (1,500 m finish – center).  All other races always in the finish area immediately after completing the race.


Categories HDR, T3 and T5:

Random start at your free will, within interval from 00 – 120 minutes.

Upon your entry into the starting area you shall be enrolled into the starting list.


Trail Orienteering:

E1 – E4 start at 16:00 o’clock, E5 at 10:00 o’clock

At defined stations participants shall decide and mark correct control points by filling letters "A – F" into their paper cards, or mark "Z"  in case they consider that none of the control points is correct. Controls are lined-up starting with "A" from the left.

There where is a 1 minute-limit station to decide (measured by a referee) one of the control points must be correct (cannot be marked "Z"). Accompanying persons may assist with physical movements, cannot provide any other advice regarding the marking though.


Terrain:          E1, E3, E4, E5, sprint, MTBO ragged, detailed, mostly flat – Scandinavian type.

E2 ragged, hilly with many stone fields.



You wil lhave to arrange your own transport to reach E2. Use either car, bike or on foot.


Starting Lists : 
Starting Lists shall be put out at the
Event Center and close to the starting area. 


Starting Bibs:

Each participant must compete wearing a starting bib. In case of a loss, please collect a new one at the Event Center.


Shoes:             No limitations (spikes allowed).            


Course Descriptions: 

Shall be printed on maps – pictograms only.

Special Map Symbols:              

Fallen tree (green T-shape, oriented in line with the trunk), uprooted tree (green cross), distinctive tree (green circle), small earth bank (brown dashed tags without connecting arch), the said special symbols are shown on the map as well.

Start :              Distribution of maps is 1 minute before start. The beginning of the course is indicated by a marker approximately 200 meters after leaving the starting area. The route is streamed by red&white ribbons and is obligatory for all competitors.

                        Markers from the Meeting Points (Event Center) to start – red&white ribbons.          


Finnish :          The finishing time is recorded by punching the SI unit (placed on the finish line).


Refreshment after Races:

Drinking water.


Refreshment on the Course:           

Drinking water – white cup, isotonic drinks – brown cup.


Catering :       Fast food vendors in the Event Center.                           


Time Limits :

1st stage                       -           120 minutes

2nd stage 3                    -          150 minutes

Additional Sprint           -            60 minutes

3rd stage                       -           120 minutes

MTBO                         -           120 minutes

4th stage                       -           150 minutes

5 th stage                      -           120 minutes



Washing:        Mobile showers and troughs, no drinking water. After E2 only bowls provided.

Drinking water shall be visibly marked and placed in special containers.


Toilets:           Mobile toilets provided by SEBAK, please do not pollute the forest and close vicinity.


Health Service:
Basic medical treatment at the Meeting Points (
Event Center) of individual stages.


Results:          Shall be put out continuously during the race at the Meeting Points (E2 at the Event Center).


Awarding Ceremony:           

Always at the Event Center, next to the "Sirava" reservoir.

            Winners of individual stages and first three from the Additional Sprint and MTBO shall be awarded by a material price during the Awarding Ceremony every evening at 20:30 o’clock.

Overall results shall be presented on Sunday, July 23, at 13:30 o’clock. First three from each category shall be awarded by small material prices. Winners of HE & DE shall receive a Cup. Prices not collected at the ceremony shall not be sent by post later.


Jury:               Composition of the Jury shall be put out at the Event Center.    


Protests:         Only in writing with a 200 Czk deposit to the hands of the Chief Referee.








Important Notice:

Due to the fact the whole vicinity of the Event Center shall be used for the competitions we request all participant that they use mobile toilets only.




Event Officials:

                        Event Director:             Luděk Pavelek

                        Technical Backup:        Jan Peřinka

                        Sporting Activities:        Miroslav Hadač

                        Chief Referee:              Evžen Kostka

                        Course Setters:             E 1:  A. David

                                                           E 2:  P. Hynek

Sprint:  E. Kostka

                                                           E 3: M. Hadač 

                                                           MTBO: J. Král

                                                           E 4: M. Kovařík

                                                           E 5: L. Valík


Additional Accompanying Program:

Friday, July 21, – concert „Opavská 4“ – live music band

Saturday, July 22, – discotheque  


Both events on the raised platform – at the Event Center next to the "Sirava" reservoir.


Dear friends, we truly believe you will enjoy the whole event and appreciate the effort we have put into it to prepare it well. We wish and hope that you will enjoy some nice weather, accurate bearing and many other pleasant experiences.



Luděk   Pavelek                                                                      Evžen Kostka

Event Director                                                                        Chief Referee