19 – 23 July 2006 (Wednesday – Sunday)
POBO – Pratele orientacniho behu Opava (Friends of Orienteering Opava)
Event Center:
Cerna Voda, Czech Republic
D10, D12AB, D14AB, D16AB, D18AB, D20AB, D21EABC, D35AB, D40AB, D45AB, D50, D55, D60, D65
H10, H12AB, H14AB, H16AB, H18AB, H20AB, H21EABC, H35AB, H40AB, H45AB, H50AB, H55AB, H60, H65, H70, H75
Categories “Fitness” T3, T5 (distances 3 & 5 km respectively), possibility to sign up for individual races even a day before the race, only up to the number of scheduled vacancies.
D10N, H10N …. streamed tracks, HDR …. streamed tracks for children with accompanying parents (adults)
TO ..... Trail Orienteering – categories for disabled athletes.

Schedule of Sporting Events (DD/MM/YY):

Wednesday       19/07/06       E1        Middle        9:00          1: 7 500
Thursday           20/07/06       E2        Long          9:00           1:10 000
Friday                21/07/06       E3        Middle        9:00          1: 5 000
Saturday            22/07/06       E4        Long          9:00           1:10 000
Sunday              23/07/06       E5        Middle       9:00           1: 7 500

Accompanying Program:

Thursday 20/07/06 Sprint 17:00 1: 3 000
Friday 21/07/06 MTBO 16:00 1: 20 000

Categories for Sprint:

D10, D12, D14, D16, D18, D21, D35, D45, D55
H10, H12, H14, H16, H18, H21, H35, H45, H55

Categories for MTBO:

D12, D14, D16, D18, D21, D35, D45, D55
H12, H14, H16, H18, H21, H35, H45, H55


By e-mail at: Your e-mail entry is accepted after you have received a reply mail as a confirmation.


All payments shall be wire transferred to “Komercni banka a.s.”,
account number: 86-6957020267/0100, IBAN: CZ6401000000866957020267,
account name: “Pratele orientacniho behu Opava”. Please have a confirmation of the payment ready at the registration.

Fees (Czk) – Due Dates

By April 30, 2006 By May 30, 2006 By June 30, 2006


500 650 800

Other Categories

400 500 600

T3, T5, HDR

80/Stage 80/Stage 80/Stage


320 320 320

SI Rental (Punching Chip/Day)

20 20 20

Additional Sprint

50 60 70


50 60 70


30/Stage 30/Stage 30/Stage

Late entries after June 30, 2006, shall be accepted only up to the number of scheduled vacancies for additional charge of 100% of the basic starting fee.

Tent camp:
17 – 23 July, 2006. Following services included: mobile toilets, hook-ups to drinking and utility water, showers, lights within the camp. The Organizer does not provide for other types of accommodation, you may check to satisfy your own specific needs.

Training map in the center vicinity.

In the event center. Parking fee for the whole stay shall be collected on the first entry into the event center, 80 Czk per car, 300 Czk per bus.
Monday, July 17, from 16:00 till 22:00 hrs in the event center
Tuesday, July 18, from 10 till 22 hrs in the event center.


Zdeněk Lenhart, Petr Mareček, Ivo Habán, Bohumil Háj, Petr Hranička (as of fall 2005, spring 2006). All maps waterproof.
General Supplier of Services:
NORD Service Opava
Punching System:
Sport Ident for all categories.

Rugged, mostly flat – Scandinavian type (stones, rocks, bogs).


In the event center vendors selling warm dishes, beverages + refreshments. Spacious shelter tents with benches provided.

Event Officials:

Event Director:               Luděk Pavelek tel +420 602 521 660
Sporting Activities:          Mirek Hadač tel +420 602 719 817
Technical Backup:         Jan Peřinka tel +420 602 760 265
                                       Katarzyna Androsz
Chief Referee E1-E5:     Evžen Kostka tel +420 608 910 768
Chief Referee Sprint:      Mirek Hadač tel +420 602 719 817

Athletes participate at their own risk. Cost-free first aid is provided in the finish area upon the completion of a race. Any other medical aid shall be taken care of by individual participants based on their own insurance policy.
Other Tips:

The whole region along the Czech-Polish border is ideal for cycling. We therefore recommend mountain bikes (individual trips, transport to E2, 3 & 4).