Grand Prix Silesia 2005

Dates: August 12 – 14, 2005 (Friday – Sunday)
Civic Association “Friends of Orienteering Opava” (under Czech abbreviation “POBO”)
Hradec nad Moravici (south of Opava), meadows below the Hradec castle
D10, D12AB, D14AB, D16AB, D18AB, D20, D21EAB, D35AB, D40, D45, D50, D55, D60, H10, H12AB, H14AB, H16AB, H18AB, H20, H21EABC, H35AB, H40AB, H45AB, H50, H55, H60, H65, H70, T3 a T5, Fit Class 3 and 5 km (possibility to sign up for individual stages even one day before, however only up to a limit of available vacancies), D10N a H10N ...... linear course, HDR ....... linear course (parents with children)
Note: Classes D/H 21 shall be divided into sub-classes according to the Czech Ranking as of June 30, 2005. All three stages shall also be included into Czech Ranking, coef. 1.00.
Event Program:

Friday          August  12,    Leg 1 –   Middle   15:00 hrs                            Scale 1: 7 500
Saturday      August   13,   Leg 2 –   Long       09:00 hrs                            Scale 1:10 000
Sunday        August   14.   Leg 3 –   Middle    09:00 hrs,  Chasing Start     Scale 1: 4 000
Accompanying Program:

Saturday      August 13,      Additional Sprint   17:00 hrs                            Scale 1: 2000
Classes for Additional Sprint Race (included in Czech Ranking):
D12, D14, D16, D18, D21, D35, H12, H14, H16, H18, H21, H35, H45
Entries: Regular mail to Ms. Jana Glabaznova, Tesinska 57, Opava, Zip Code 746 01, Czech Republic, by fax: +420 553 777 040 or via e-mail to:, electronic entries are accepted after you have received a confirmation reply.
Entry Fees:

Basic Fees (Czk)
- Term of payment

By 15.6. Starting Fee

By 15.6.  Camp

By 15.7. Starting Fee

By 15.7.  Camp

16.- 31.7. Starting Fee

16.- 31.7. Camp

By 1.8. Starting Fee


300 190 400 220 500 250 + 100 %


200 160 270 190 350 220 + 100 %

T3, T5, HDR

70/stage 160 85/stage 190 100/stage 220  

Acc.of non-participants

  190   240   280  

Rental SI /day

20   20   20   20

Fee Added Sprint

40   50   70   + 50 %

Discounts: one-time entries of over 20 registered participants from one club 10% discount, over 30 participants 15% discount, over 40 participants 20% discount (starting fee and camp)
Payment: Make all payments by a wire transfer or a direct deposit to Komercni banka a.s. account #: 86-6957020267/0100, SWIFT code: KOMBCZPP, Payment Symbol: 1010. Please attach payment confirmation to the entry. Provided the payment has not been sufficiently documented before the registration or the club representative is unable to support the fact that the payment has been made, the starting and other fees will have to be paid at the registration.
Tent Camp: August 11.-14. (from 15.00 hrs). Price includes serviced mobile toilets, hook-ups to drinking and industrial water, showers, and camp electric lights. Organizer secures no other accommodation.
Training map in the center vicinity. Protests: Against a deposit of 200 Czk.
In the event center. Parking fee shall be paid upon the first entry into the event center amounting 50 Czk per car, 150 Czk per bus for the whole event.

Thursday     11.08. from 18:00 until 22:00 hrs in the event center.
Friday         12.08. from 08:00 until 11:00 hrs in the event center.
Friday         12.08. from 12:00 until 14:00 hrs in the center of Stage 1 (Skripov, South of the village, marked)
made by Zdenek Lenhart, Petr Marecek, Ludek Valik (as of spring 2004 – summer 2005) All maps waterproof, courses printed.
Design, type, exp. and print:
NORD Service Ltd, Opava
Punching System:
Sport Ident
flat, hilly at times, no undergrowth, generally good runnability, variable vegetation, dense, but subtle road network, on meadows man-made objects.
Stage 1 - Skripov (8 km from the event center) other stages in vicinity of the event center.
event center offers warm meals, buffets, stalls, beer stall.
Event Officials:

Director:                     Ludek Pavelek               +420 602 521 660
Event Affairs:              Mirek Hadac, RI            +420 602 719 817
Technical Support:      Jan Perinka                     +420 602 760 265
Chief Referee:             Jiri Sykora, RII
all participants take part at their own risk. First aid in the finish area provided for free only for participants who have just completed their particular race. Other medical care need to be covered by individual insurance policy.
Other Tips:
the whole region offers ideal conditions for biking and cycling. Therefore, we recommend trips on mountain bikes (trips, transportation to Stage 1).

Schedule approved by the Director and the Chief Referee on December 12. 2004.