Trail-O Grand Prix Silesia 2012  

5-Stages Event


Thursday                                 July 26, 16:00  

Friday                                     July 27, 14:00      22:00 night race

Saturday                                 July 28, 13:00  

Sunday                                    July 29, 9:30 Temp-O  


It is possible to take part both in GPS and in Trail-O.

Final result shall be an addition of four best results.


Event center:                          Velká Kraš, camp Habina  

                                               50°21'9.985"N, 17°9'47.212"E


Course setter:                         Jana Glabazňová  

Opponent:                              Monika Krejčíková R1  

Main referee:                         Tomáš Sochor  

Category:                                E  

Terrain:                                  forest roads with the elevation difference, we recommend disabled athletes to be accompanied (assistance not provided)

Exception to the rules:           Timed controls 1 referee, controls in field without referee

Punching:                                Manual Punch according to the Trail-O regulations

Number of controls:               15 - 20, length of course ca 2 km

Entries:                                   OB Hana signup system or e-mail:

Payments:                               95 CZK/stage      

Presentation:                          Thursday July 26, 2012,  10:00 - 13:00 in the event center


Trail-O shall be held on condition that at least 12 athletes will have signed up for the competition by June 30, 2012.