Grand Prix Silesia 2014

International 5-stage Orienteering Event

Dates: July 31 – August 3, 2014 (Thursday – Sunday)
Organizer: Orienteering Club „POBO“ (Friends of Orienteering Opava)
Event Center: Vidnava, meadow across the Habina Camp
D10, D12AB, D14AB, D16AB, D18AB, D20, D21EAB, D35AB, D40AB, D45AB, D50AB, D55AB, D60, D65
H10, H12AB, H14AB, H16AB, H18AB, H20, H21EAB, H35AB, H40AB, H45AB, H50AB, H55AB, H60AB, H65AB, H70, H75
TK (shorter tracks), TL (longer tracks) „fit“ categories, possibility to sign up for individual stages even a day before the particular race, only up to scheduled vacancies.
DH10N ….. simple track, no streaming (marked by emoticons).
HDR ….. track for children accompanied by an adult, simple track, no streaming (marked by emoticons)
TO ….. trail orienteering (see special schedule on our web pages).
E1-E5 calculated in the Czech Ranking, coef. 1.00. Day competition, interval start. DH21 shall be divided into subcategories according to the Czech Ranking as of July 30, 2014. Maximum amount of Czech competitors in DH21E => 70, DH21A => 70, DH21B => no limitation. Total results are simple addition of E1 – E5.
Stages in categories TK, TL and HDR do not add-up. Starting time at free will within time frame listed in Bulletin.
Expected time of stages according to the Czech Competition Regulations for 2014 (long 80%, Middle 60%).
Description:                                                        Start:               Scale                 Course Setter:
Thursday 31/07 E1        Middle                           15:00               1 : 10 000         Kovalčík
Friday 01/08      E2        Long                             09:00               1 : 10 000         Nycz
Saturday 02/08 E3        Middle                           09:00               1 : 10 000         Hadač
Saturday 02/08 E4        Sprint                            16:00               1 :   4 000         Borunský
Sunday 03/08    E5        Long (shortened)         09:00               1 : 10 000         Schuster/Rossmanith
Complementary Program:
Friday 01/08                  Sprint Ultra                   17:00               1 :   4 000         Holas
(without codes, micro-o)
Sprint Ultra – Categories:
D10, D12, D14, D16, D18, D21, D35, D45, D55
H10, H12, H14, H16, H18, H21, H35, H45, H55

Fees (Kč-Czk)/ Due Dates (DD.MM) by 20.6. by 20.7.
DH10-DH12, DH10N, HDR 400 550
Others 600 800
TK, TL 120/stage 120/stage
SI Rental / stage 30 30
Starting Fee for Sprint Ultra 80 100
TrailO 100/stage 100/stage
Others / 1 stage 150 200
DH10-DH12, DH10N, HDR / 1 stage 100 150
Camp 350 350
After July 20, entries possible only up to scheduled vacancies for a doubled starting fee.
Until July 20 cancellation possible burdened by a 50% fee, after July 20, no cancellation refund

Utilizing the ORIS system at, foreign athletes may enter by e-mail at:, entries by mail are valid after you have received a confirmation response by e-mail.
All payments shall be wire transferred to “Komercni banka a.s.”, account number: 86-6957020267/0100, IBAN: CZ6401000000866957020267, account name: “Pratele orientacniho behu Opava”, bank fees shall be borne by sender.
Please have a confirmation of your payment ready at the registration.
Tent camp: July 30, 2014 (starting from 16:00 o‘clock) until August 3, 2014. Service of mobile toilets, hookups to drinking and utility water, showers included in price.
Training: Training map in the close vicinity of the event center.
Parking: Parking at the event center, no parking fee collected
Wednesday, July 30, from 16:00 till 22:00 o‘clock at the event center
Thursday July 31, from 10:00 till 13:00 o‘clock at the event center
Authors: Mr. Lenhart, Mr. Matula, Mr. Cigoš. Maps waterproof, as of spring 2014, mapped according to valid map key.
Punching: Sport Ident punching for all categories
Terrain: Variable, Scandinavian type (stones, rocks).
Distances: Starting and finishing areas  within 3km, accessible also by bikes.
Catering: At the event center, warm dishes, drinks, vendors.
Event Director:
         Jana Kostková        R3      +420 777 896 979
Technical Backup:    Jan Peřinka             R3      +420 602 677 755
Activities:                 Miroslav Hadač        R1      +420 602 719 817
Chief Referee:          Luděk Valík             R2      +420 777 814 526
Athletes participate at their own risk. First aid for free provided only at the finish area.Any consequent medical care must be borne by health insurance of each individual.
Starting Fee and Camp for Free:
Athletes (Czech Republic) who are listed as national team members in foot orienteering for 2014 (adults, juniors, youth). Valid for entries by May 1, 2014.


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